• Debbie Luwagga


Updated: Jan 13

Disclaimer: I wrote this poem many many weeks ago but I am always very reluctant to share poetry because it's so personal to me. This is also the first poem I have written since the one I gave at my high school graduation.


You look at me

Look the other way

Choose not to see me


You hear my voice but still choose to mute me

Instead of illuminate with my light

You dim it


I know you can hear me

If you pay close attention

I know you’ll be able to feel me

Look at me

Stare into my eyes

And what you’ll see you can’t deny

Is it love?

I need you to tell me

Idk, is it a lie?

These tears that well in my eyes

I need you to hear my cry

Not just the sound

Hear what’s drowned

My peace, my freedom, my crown

I’m anxious, I’m bound

By the pain so profound

That’ve found in loving

A hollow sky

Where are the stars?

The moon, the sun?

Where are the dreams

you sold at the start


I want more

I need more

Honey, I’m ready to go

Bambi, free me.